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EWAPROOF is a herbal petroleum jelly specifically designed for ear protection from water.


It can also be used as skin protection. EWAPROOF helps to heal dry skin by locking moisture. It soothes & repairs cracking heals.


Softens, smoothes and hydrate chapped lips. It also heals minor cuts and wounds.


Each 100 grams contains:- 


Aloe Vera    -  5%

Cucumber  -  2%

Lemon         -   0.5%



EWAPROOF Ear Protection Jelly (30 grams)

VAT Included
  • • Once an order is placed it cannot be modified or canceled. Orders placed, immediately go to our automatic fulfillment system.
    • Refund will be processed only in case of  payment issue and it will be processed through the same mode within 10-15 days.

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